Human sexuality is one of the most complex aspects of life, one that is necessary for propagating the species and also involves love, joy, beautiful feelings and often uncontrollable lust or perversion. Donna Mack, author of ‘Our Godly Sexual Beings,’ offers a spiritually elevating and historically/culturally informative look at a topic that makes many squeamish and uncomfortable.

A devout Christian, Mack offers the reader an amazing level of Biblical research to prove her primary thesis: Fallen angels destroyed God’s pure gift of human sexual love and, to quote from the text, for ‘thousands of years, the recognition of the sexual truth of God’s spiritual kingdom remained concealed, and Christ’s inspiring statements of God’s kingdom illuminates purity and love, exposing the mystical secret of our divine sexual land within.’

Thirty years in the making, ‘Our Godly Sexual Beings’ is equal parts Biblically historical, culturally fascinating, spiritually uplifting, faith affirming and significantly vital for the sexually confused and/or spiritually wanting. During sections regarding the various travels of Christ, I found myself reminiscing about my Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with over 750 Christians from around the world. Aside from the primary topic, I noticed that my own faith was shored up and expanded by the author’s uplifting tone and positive messages.

This book requires concentration and possible re-reading of sections, but the intellectual and spiritual rewards are everywhere. Sources to prove her arguments range far and wide; from the Old and New Testaments to excluded gospels, from ancient non-Biblical texts to third party historical observations. Pagan rituals, ancient sexual practices and Church doctrine are examined carefully to reveal how this view of human sexuality came about. All this will cause some to raise an eyebrow and dig deeper for their own edification, which I believe is what the author would like from the reader.

Packed with loads of relevant information for a hyper-sexualized, high-tech modern world, a devoted and serious Donna Mack offers guideposts and wisdom to achieve a more fulfilling life for the initiated and those seeking guidance. She revisits a number of points made earlier when clarifying topics as the book evolves towards the Epilogue, a journey worth taking as illumination is to be found there.

Brad Butler, Author of ‘World Flight Over Russia’ and Co-Author of ‘Without Redemption’ 5-Stars

A Thoughtful Exploration of God’s Sexual Presence Within Us

Sex has often been discussed in terms of lust and shame throughout history dating back to ancient times; in Our Godly Sexual Beings, author Donna Mack with Kristi Miller reveal the true pleasures of loving sex as sincerely special and spiritual experiences through in-depth research of the Bible, ancient texts, scholars spanning the past centuries and their own lives.

Donna Mack investigates how the experience of joyful sex has been perverted over the centuries from the earliest days of hedonism to today’s fascinations with internet pornography. While they delve into the mindsets and influences of those who have substituted lust for love, they also take a very serious look at how one of the Seven Deadly Sins manifested into the abjectly evil actions of rape and child molestation in some humans.

Some may ask: Why were these not addressed as thoughtfully in the past? The author takes a long look at how discussion about sex had morphed from a subject of curiosity and wonder into a social taboo. In God’s Sexual Presence, the writers offer our modern civilization a chance to re-visit God’s presence in a loving sexual relationship amid the entertainment media’s obsession with pushing a lascivious attitude toward what was meant to be beautiful at the highest level.

I highly recommend this book.

Chris Cordani, Host Book Spectrum, 5-stars

A rare combination of scholarliness, curiosity, and practicality!

Sometimes one finds a book that puts together the pieces of a puzzle one has lived with for a lifetime. Donna Mack’s Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is just such a book, examining the majesties and maladies of human sexuality. Most of us don’t have to look far to see that sex is truly one of the biggest mysteries of our existence. On the one hand, it can bring two people together to become one flesh, enjoying the heights of ecstatic pleasure, and even experiencing a mystical quality that some might describe as “divine.” On the other hand, all around us we can see the evidence of lives destroyed and the chaos caused by out of control sexual urges and the twisted sexuality prominent in our culture.

Out of a decades long search for answers about sexuality and spirituality, Donna Mack proposes that sexuality and humans as sexual beings actually have always been intended for “divine” purposes. God created our sexual beings as a means of communion with both our partner and with God, as a means of passionate and intimate connection to our Creator. She also delves deep into the mystery of sex gone awry, drawing from her studies about the “age-old epic battle of God, Christ, humanity, and Satan” to conclude that our divine inheritance – the sexuality God intended – has been stolen and exchanged for a spirit of lust that twists and corrupts our sexual experiences. This is a fairly simplified statement of her premise, as the author spends much of the book examining various aspects of what sexuality was intended to be, how it is that Satan and the fallen angels have affected human sexuality, and the ancient historical and cultural backdrop in which the Bible was written.

Our Godly Sexual Beings is a rich resource, well-researched and written, loaded with academic references and end-notes. Not content to stay in the depths of research, each chapter concludes with a summary that reminds the reader of the main points and a “call to action” that brings the contents to a practical and applicable level. Donna Mack has written a gem of a book – the rare combination of scholarliness, intellectual curiosity, and practicality that educates, explains, and encourages the reader. This book is destined to become a classic and formative work that sits at the intersection of spirituality and sexuality, a primer that leads our lost and lascivious culture back to God’s glorious intentions and purposes for our sexual beings. Highly recommended!

Flying Books Review (aka Scott Lorenz) 5-Stars

The missing link between God and human sexuality – achieving victory over the lie of lust

Author Donna Mack steps in during this time of increasing negativism about human sexuality as promoted on the internet in child pornography, sex trafficking, blackmailing on social media with nude photography, and harmful sexual counseling, resulting in a growing mistrust of beauties of sexual intimacy. In an erudite manner she presents her information resulting from years of research and spiritual study, supported by copious references to historic sources, writings of scholars, scriptural analysis, Oriental philosophies, and her accessible manner of presenting evidence from the Bible that supports her explanation that ‘God never intended for our sexual beings to be humiliated, mocked and trashed the way we see it today.’

By lifting the contradictory veil that religion has installed, that sex is solely for procreation, Mack states that ‘It is time for God’s people to destroy the embargo of lies Satan has used to infiltrate God’s sexual treasure. It is time for God’s people to glorify divine loving sexuality the way God always intended it to be.’ The original messages from the Creation and from many other biblical passages, as well as those from the Torah, the Pentateuch, the Greek Septuagint, the Apocrypha, and more acknowledge that the significance of a sacred sexual link with God does exist. ‘Human sexuality exists for God, and the Bible sings with this truth, and the prophets’ mission as intercessors for God was to share this truth.’

The influence of Satan and other fallen angels on the concept of human sexuality is well discussed, explaining how Azazel, a prominent fallen angel, taught women how to enjoy lust-driven sexual pleasure and indulge in promiscuity, underscoring the reality of demons, devils and evil spirits distancing God from the purity and bliss of human sexual encounters. Mack offers, encouragingly, ‘Jesus never stated that sex is bad, nor did he ever preach against women as being sexually corrupting. The disciples believed that lust’s influence and manipulation happened through Satan, the devil…Biblical scriptures compare an earthly couple’s sexual intimacy of our sexual beings with that of Christ and the church. From this place, God’s divine glory is birthed, revealing the origin of light that exists within all of us.’ She augments her thoughts with fascinating sidebars: ‘One of the supreme miracles on earth that proves God’s existence is with the miraculous gift of sexuality. The female clitoris is the only organ, female and male, that was designed exclusively for sexual pleasure. There is no reproductive or urological function to this organ, which gives plausible credibility that God intended humans to experience sexual gratification.

With a scholarly, informed, and well-researched manner of writing, Donna Mack presents her précis that ‘The sexual longing and desire we innately have exists as the divine essence of Christ within us longing to connect with God’s illumination.’ Fascinating and enlightening, this book provides a sense of peace in relation to our concept of human sexuality. Read and learn and relax!

Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer 5-Stars

Godly sexuality is human sexuality that “invites God in”

The book Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery immediately grabs the attention of the reader, primarily because the combination of the adjectives “godly” and “sexual” are descriptors that are not often seen together and for many people seem to be opposites. Raised in a conservative Christian setting in the Deep South, author Donna Mack was full of questions that religion didn’t seem to answer. Among those questions was how such an extreme disconnection between sex and the God that created it could exist. How could the creation of a loving God become a force that is at the center of so much pain, destruction, and trauma in the lives of people?

Donna’s questions about God, sexuality, life, and religion, combined with her life experiences, have propelled her on a decades long journey of research and study in which she combed not only Christian history, but also other world religions and philosophies for the answers she sought. Our Godly Sexual Beings is the fruit of that journey, filled with scholarly footnotes, scriptural references and deep insights drawn from the Bible, the Book of Enoch, Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient texts. Donna doesn’t approach her subject from a sheltered perspective, but from the perspective of a woman who has experienced the highs and lows of life, including divorce, death, and emotional issues. These challenges have given her opportunities for growth and spiritual insight and motivated her pursuit of knowledge, not just for herself but with the hope of bringing freedom and healing to others. All of this comes through in the compassionate and informed tone with which she approaches her subject.

Donna’s research led her to discover that God was purposeful and intentional in designing humans as sexual beings and propose that our sexuality was meant to be a “sacred gift” which points to our union with God and connection with God’s power. Rather than being external to our relationship with God, or in opposition to that relationship, sexuality is actually one of the areas in which God’s glory is displayed and through which deep, intimate bonds with God are experienced. However, this sacred and good gift has been stolen and twisted through the activity of Satan and “fallen angels” who have subverted the marvelous and mystical power of our sexuality, stolen the truth of the treasure it was meant to be, and turned it into a force of destruction, abuse, and trauma. Donna says, “… the fallen angels’ leader, Satan, is noted as the instigator of sorrows and afflictions against God’s people. His greatest, most evil, and consistent emotional sufferings toward humanity are caused through sexual sin and wickedness.”

Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is a powerful encouragement to recover the truth, to be freed from the lies of lust and shame through the power of God’s love, and to reclaim our identities as God’s beloved, not only in mind and spirit, but in body. Donna Mack has written a book that is truly counter-cultural, countering the narrative from centuries of Christianity that sexuality is either evil or limited in purpose to procreation as well as providing a counterpoint to the predominantly darkened, corrupted, and lust-filled cultural narratives about sexuality. This is a must read for anyone who has ever thought that there must be more to sexuality than what the church or our culture have claimed – for those readers who are ready, now is the time to awake to the beauty of God’s true intention and purposes for human sexuality!

Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-stars

A New Christian Look at Human Sexuality

As a lifelong “guilty Catholic,” this book had special resonance for me. Despite attending church and what was called “Sunday school” during my formative years, sexual activity and awareness were rarely, if ever, discussed there. What little knowledge I acquired about God and sex I had to infer on the fly and, often, on my own.

Donna Mack’s incisive and illuminating treatise, “Our Godly Sexual Beings,” shines a whole new light on that missing link from the narrative of human sexuality and God’s attitude toward it. A culmination of 30 years of committed research and study, this book is an exploration of sexuality as a fundamental part of our relationship with God. Using over 1,300 references from the Bible and countless other ancient texts, Mack details academic and Biblical history to reveal new truths and bring sexual awareness and healing and a greater sense of freedom to God’s disciples on Earth.

A vital element of Donna Mack’s thesis involves the existence of lust, which she maintains is the work of Satan and other fallen angels. In her introduction, the author writes, “Human sexuality exists as one of the Earth’s most mystifying miracles, created by our loving Father in heaven. Sadly, this radiating enigma quickly became overshadowed by lust’s deceit. As a result, this destruction led to an erosion of the hearts, souls and minds of God’s people.” Mack confesses to struggling for a long time to understand why God would create human sexuality to be close with us, only to have that connection get so lost. She also sought to understand how lust grew to reign as the supreme influence over Godly human sexuality.

The author stresses the importance of understanding that the stories of fallen angels and real-life devils are not just myths and legends but an integral element in our world. She says this reality can be seen in the Bible’s Old and New Testaments. And in the latter, we find God sending his only son to Earth to convey this knowledge and revelations. Through Jesus Christ, it was imparted that “the Kingdom of God lives within us but there is also a spirit of lust that exists, which must be understood and overcome.” Thus, it is the challenge for all of God’s people to discriminate between lust and true love. What makes this book unique is the sheer number of references in the Bible and other ancient texts, such as the “Book of Enoch,” the Sumerian text, the “Book of Jubilees,” and the “Book of Giants.”

Throughout her book, Donna Mack encourages the reader to “welcome our Maker into all areas of our lives so that we can experience His divine Love through all things.” In fact, she asserts God should be invited into “a divine encounter that allows a new, intimate sexual awakening to emerge on a higher spiritual plane of awareness.” Each chapter ends with a summary that includes a “main Takeaway,” a paragraph on potential “Problems,” and a ”Call to Action,” which are helpful reminders of the key elements of each chapter.

Although it is, at times, somewhat overwhelming in its content and may require re-reading of certain sections, this book is a badly needed clarification on religion and sexual issues and their relationship to each other. It fills in many missing areas of Judeo-Christian teaching. During an increasingly confusing time in history when human sexuality has never been more controversial and misunderstood, “Our Godly Sexual Beings” is a deeply researched and necessary tract that all children of God will find solace in. Highly recommended.

John J. Kelly / Detroit Free Press, 5-Stars