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New Book Dispels Lies and Reveals the Truth of God’s Purpose for Sex

“Human sexuality that invites God in is truly beautiful, natural, and God-ordained.”

Orlando, Florida – Human sexuality is one of the most complex aspects of life, necessary for procreation, but also involving love, joy, and intense emotional intimacy. However, the same physical activity can also be shallow, darkened, and twisted through the deceit of lust and perversion. Did God have any purpose in creating humans as sexual beings? Why is there such an extreme disconnect between sex and the God that created it? How did lust grow to reign as the supreme influence over human sexuality? And is there any hope for a return to God’s original design for our sexual beings? In her revealing new book, Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery, Christian author Donna Mack explores these questions and shares biblical wisdom, insight, and practical application with the reader.

Our Godly Sexual Beings

“The initial thought of God and sex makes countless people uneasy, as it did for me at one time,” Donna shares. “Some may think, who is this person to write such sacred things of God and Christ? Although I did have many blessings growing up, my life was hampered by the divorce of my parents and later on, my own divorce. I could easily write a book regarding the mistakes of my past; however, I’ve learned that what seem to be our greatest failures often grant us an opportunity for greater spiritual insight and growth. These experiences gave me a compassionate understanding for people and an appreciation of their pain.”

“Donna Mack’s incisive and illuminating treatise, Our Godly Sexual Beings, explores sexuality as a fundamental part of our relationship with God … and is a badly needed clarification on religion and sexual issues and their relationship to each other. During an increasingly confusing time in history when human sexuality has never been more controversial and misunderstood, Our Godly Sexual Beings is a deeply researched and necessary tract that all children of God will find solace in. Highly recommended.”

John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press, 5-stars

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Noticing that sex-related issues and difficulties trouble all societies and that even religious people are not exempt from this suffering, Donna wondered if there was a way to reconcile this conflict. Her questions about God, sexuality, life, and religion propelled her on a decades long journey of research and study in which she searched Christian history and other world religions and philosophies for answers. This quest for understanding led her to the revelation that our sexuality was, from the very beginning, created to be a fundamental part of our relationship with God.

“Understanding this truth brings healing and freedom to those trapped in bondage, trauma, and sin. Satan’s introduction of sexual lust created the ongoing societal problems we see today, and it continues to deprive people of a Divine sexual connection that involves God,” says Donna. “I want readers to know God’s intended purpose for His design and proposes, that sexuality was created as a ‘personal, sacred gift,’ and a means of experiencing God’s presence and power.”

In God’s Sexual Presence, Donna Mack offers our modern civilization a chance to re-visit God’s presence in a loving sexual relationship amid the entertainment media’s obsession with pushing a lascivious attitude toward what was meant to be beautiful at the highest level. I highly recommend this book.


Chris Cordani, Book Spectrum Review

Although Donna’s long journey of thirty years for many people may seem overwhelming, she states, “Through God’s wisdom, I understand now I needed time to grow and mature in my beliefs. This delay may also be why it took many years of studying and writing about Satan’s evil wickedness before the Lord’s true purpose for my writing was revealed. After my revelation about Satan’s lustful manipulation of God’s sexual gift, it became evident how God’s truth had been stolen by evil and hidden. This evil influence has helped create a world full of sexual brokenness and pain, a world that is hungry for this needed knowledge, now more than ever.”

“Even though my research centered around God’s sexual existence, I had no desire to openly divulge my beliefs on this worldly taboo subject,” shares Donna. “I worried that it was too provocative, offensive, or that others might believe that I’m some type of religious sex nut. Still, a soft nudging continued to linger in my spirit for years; a delicate prompting to persist in writing about the convictions I carried in my heart.

Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is a powerful encouragement to recover the truth, to be freed from the lies of lust and shame through the power of God’s love, and to reclaim our identities as God’s beloved, not only in mind and spirit, but in body … This is a must read for anyone who has ever thought that there must be more to sexuality than what the church or our culture have claimed.”

Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-stars

“Undoubtedly, a wholesome bond with our loving Creator is the last thing the evil of this world wants,” shares Donna. “It allows us to gain wholesome sexual freedom directly from the Creator – without shame or guilt. This transcendent sexual freedom illuminates a healthy relationship with the Lord without being enslaved by the world’s phony mimics and the sexual deceit of lust. I believe God wants His people to have the pleasure of divine intimacy and sent Jesus to rescue people from the big lie of our sexual beings”. Jesus said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).”

Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery, ISBN and purchasing info

About Donna Mack: Donna grew up in the Deep South in a small town in Alabama, where in her younger years’ life revolved around church, where she became spiritually blessed. As a young adult, Donna delved into a study of the history of Christianity, as well as other world religions and New Age beliefs. Donna was a researcher and seeker, full of questions about certain aspects of God that the surface of religion did not seem to answer – most especially the connection between God and our sexuality. She did not understand – if God made our sexuality, then why within God’s world is sexuality so demeaned and disrespected?

After studying religion, Eastern philosophy, sociology, yoga, and other world beliefs, Donna eventually discerned that the teachings of Jesus Christ had the answers for which she was searching. Prayerfully, she explored mounds of researched information regarding the sexual mysteries of Christianity and other related documentation. In due course, after continual praying, the Holy Spirit empowered her toward enlightenment and breakthrough. Donna believes this inspiration guided her through many years to intertwine references, substantial documentation, and other information into heartfelt explanations within her book, led by the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, (John 14:16).

As a result, Donna believes she was helped to uncover one of the greatest love stories ever told, God’s Love affair with humanity,

Everything that Donna professes in this book is backed up with substantial references, documentation, and other information with a scholarly approach. To acknowledge her significant research, she has documented more than 1,300 biblical and scholarly references, an extensive endnotes section, and bibliography with more than 500 annotations, Our Godly Sexual Beings is the rich and fully ripened fruit of the journey of a lifetime, Donna Mack’s 30-year pursuit of truth.

Media Contact: For a review copy of Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery or to arrange an interview with Donna Mack, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at or by phone at 734-667-2090. Follow Lorenz on twitter @abookpublicist

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Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is a powerful encouragement to recover the truth, to be freed from the lies of lust and shame through the power of God’s love, and to reclaim our identities as God’s beloved, not only in mind and spirit, but in body … This is a must read for anyone who has ever thought that there must be more to sexuality than what the church or our culture have claimed.”

Jessica Tofino

Educator and Writer, 5-stars
Our Godly Sexual Beings


As a lifelong “guilty Catholic,” this book had special resonance for me. Despite attending church and what was called “Sunday school” during my formative years, sexual activity and awareness were rarely, if ever, discussed there. What little knowledge I acquired about God and sex I had to infer on the fly and, often, on my own.

Donna Mack’s incisive and illuminating treatise, “Our Godly Sexual Beings,” shines a whole new light on that missing link from the narrative of human sexuality and God’s attitude toward it. A culmination of 30 years of committed research and study,

John J. Kelly/Detroit Free Press, 5-Stars

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Human sexuality is one of the most complex aspects of life, one that is necessary for propagating the species and also involves love, joy, beautiful feelings and often uncontrollable lust or perversion. Donna Mack, author of ‘Our Godly Sexual Beings,’ offers a spiritually elevating and historically/culturally informative look at a topic that makes many squeamish and uncomfortable.

A devout Christian, Mack offers the reader an amazing level of Biblical research to prove her primary thesis: Fallen angels destroyed God’s pure gift of human sexual love and, to quote from the text, for ‘thousands of years,

Brad Butler, Author of ‘World Flight Over Russia’ and Co-Author of ‘Without Redemption’ 5-Stars

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Sex has often been discussed in terms of lust and shame throughout history dating back to ancient times; in Our Godly Sexual Beings, author Donna Mack with Kristi Miller reveal the true pleasures of loving sex as sincerely special and spiritual experiences through in-depth research of the Bible, ancient texts, scholars spanning the past centuries and their own lives.

Donna Mack investigates how the experience of joyful sex has been perverted over the centuries from the earliest days of hedonism to today’s fascinations with internet pornography.

Chris Cordani, Host Book Spectrum, 5-stars

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Sometimes one finds a book that puts together the pieces of a puzzle one has lived with for a lifetime. Donna Mack’s Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is just such a book, examining the majesties and maladies of human sexuality. Most of us don’t have to look far to see that sex is truly one of the biggest mysteries of our existence. On the one hand, it can bring two people together to become one flesh, enjoying the heights of ecstatic pleasure, and even experiencing a mystical quality that some might describe as “divine.” On the other hand, all around us we can see the evidence of lives destroyed and the chaos caused by out of control sexual urges and the twisted sexuality prominent in our culture.
Flying Books Review (aka Scott Lorenz) 5-Stars

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Author Donna Mack steps in during this time of increasing negativism about human sexuality as promoted on the internet in child pornography, sex trafficking, blackmailing on social media with nude photography, and harmful sexual counseling, resulting in a growing mistrust of beauties of sexual intimacy. In an erudite manner she presents her information resulting from years of research and spiritual study, supported by copious references to historic sources, writings of scholars, scriptural analysis, Oriental philosophies, and her accessible manner of presenting evidence from the Bible that supports her explanation that ‘God never intended for our sexual beings to be humiliated, mocked and trashed the way we see it today.’
Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer 5-Stars

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The book Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery immediately grabs the attention of the reader, primarily because the combination of the adjectives “godly” and “sexual” are descriptors that are not often seen together and for many people seem to be opposites. Raised in a conservative Christian setting in the Deep South, author Donna Mack was full of questions that religion didn’t seem to answer. Among those questions was how such an extreme disconnection between sex and the God that created it could exist. How could the creation of a loving God become a force that is at the center of so much pain, destruction, and trauma in the lives of people?
Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-stars

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