Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery

The one supreme miracle on earth that proves God’s existence is within the perfectly designed gift He gave us – our sexual beings. Only a higher source could have created such a beautiful treasure.

The Lord’s people need a sexual awakening to fully understand Godly sexuality, that is human sexuality that invites God in. This communion within one’s being is a consecrated endearment, an illuminating mystical union with the divine. It is truly beautiful, natural, and God-ordained.


We were designed by God to crave, yearn, and desire love; however, in truth, these needs can only genuinely and forever be filled by God’s authentic spiritual love, granted to us by the One Who created heavenly affection … Again, if there is one supreme miracle on earth that proves God’s existence, it is the miraculous gift of sexuality.

For Christians, the endeavor to establish an endearing connection with the divine requires a belief in, and sensitivity to, God’s presence, which is always perpetuating and desiring love. Connecting the bridge between spirituality and sexuality becomes a fascinating frontier, exploring a mystical sanctuary of God’s sacred intimacy, harmony, and love.

The lack of connection between human sexuality and God may be the reason there is such a starvation for real intimate love seen throughout the world. This hunger is because the most vital part of love’s equation is missing, the inclusion of the Creator from which all things flow, from where all love evolves.

Disgracefully, the theft and exploration of Our Godly Sexual Beings is the evil lust of this world’s greatest commodity and play toy, by turning God’s glorified sexual splendor into shame, disgrace, and abomination.

Many of God’s people have unrestrained, deep-seated programming of degrading, sexual images within their subconscious. When the consciousness is conditioned like this, full of obscenity for years, it certainly provokes sexually demeaning practices and a whole host of other lustful sins.

With all the trauma caused by lust and other sexual concerns, the very fact that God’s presence, the Creator of all things, is often removed from sexual pleasure should be highly scrutinized, certainly considering this rejection more carefully. For God’s sexual presence has always been alive and well within us, waiting patiently to be discovered.

Sexual distortion is the evil of this world’s greatest tool against people. Its presence is responsible for ruined marriages, adultery, incest, pornography, rape, the fall of religious and political leaders, jealousy, betrayal, deceit, anger, and/or depression to the point of suicide or murder; and the list goes on. The lack of Divine sexual knowledge from the church, the Internet, and other social influences have created the cesspool of sexual damage we see today.


Strangely, an array of sexual influences is generated by the evil of this world’s presence known as the fallen angels; their existence is an occurrence that is mostly overlooked as fictitious. However, various ancient texts profess and describe the fallen angels’ reality. One of the most intriguing is the Book of Enoch, which explains how the fallen angels’ offspring inevitably became evil spirits who plagued the world. Depicting the fallen angels as fictitious, mythical characters does not eliminate the reality of their existence, as the early Christian Church tried to do. Denying their impact only increases the unlimited destruction and influence created by them. The fallen angels’ evil presence should be dealt with as a true reality and not as a fictitious falsehood or myth.

When read together, the Bible and the Book of Enoch give reasonable credibility to the belief that fallen angels are the explanation for the downfall of humanity on this planet … The deceptiveness by the sons of God/fallen angels created the most significant theft – the robbing of humanity’s communion with God. By robbing people of the knowledge of God’s original loving intention for sexual creation, the knowledge of God’s sexual communion became distorted.

Instead of the early Christian Church teaching their congregation about the evil sexual distortion of the fallen angels, they mostly blamed all sexual sin on women. The early Christian Church continually towered over its congregations with persistent rules and beliefs against sex. Among its believers, Christian leaders promoted women as the sinful instigators of lust toward men, blaming women as the evil doers. Nevertheless, this stern belief existed far from what Jesus Christ taught. Nowhere in the NT does Christ rally against sexual pleasure.

Some ancient texts reference the great mysteries of Christ, that are a part of His teachings; thereby, becoming initiated “into the great mysteries of Christ” is the challenge set before us. Christ’s beliefs encompass the beauty of God’s sexual presence within a doctrine that contained highly elevated and consecrated beliefs. This is the key to believing in God’s sexual awakening within us through Jesus Christ. For those with discerning spirits, Christ’s mystery of mysteries, the kingdom within, becomes a divine treasure for His followers.

In our search for truth, the camouflaging of such noteworthy knowledge is a deliberate violation of a Christian’s spiritual heritage, committing a holy theft. The sexual closeness designed by the divine Creator is the ultimate true wisdom of one’s Godly being.

A person should strive to create a healthy respect for their inner sexual beauty. Put it up on a pedestal, where it belongs, flourishing as God’s country, one’s kingdom within, to magnify and cherish Godly sexual knowledge. Although our sacred sexual beings should be honored and expressed within Christian’s earthly marriages, I believe personal relationships exist as a secondary connection to God’s position, firmly defining a line between our divine nature and fleshly existence.


God’s Promised Land seems to be the sexual kingdom that exists within each of us as the intimate place of rest with the divine, a sexual communion with God and Christ. God implanted the divine energy of Christ within us to desire and cherish God’s sexual presence. An earthly connection between a husband and wife is brought to life when a couple is joined in God’s heavenly mystery, becoming one with the transcendent.

Our spiritual evolution escalates as we are married to the light of Christ within one’s being. This joining is to celebrate our sexual sacred being as raptured in God’s love and splendor – distinctly within the marriage and spiritual unification with Christ. I believe that God implanted this wonderment in humans, the divine energy of Christ, to desire and cherish God’s presence; by this, God created within humans a desire to experience His company.

It appears the sexual longing and desire we innately have exists as the divine essence of Christ within us longing to connect with God’s illumination. Christ delivers a connecting point of God’s presence, which appears to be the divine revelation of the gospel, the mystery kept secret since the beginning of time.

For most people, a sexual spiritual closeness to God and Christ is a new frontier to discover and enjoy. To awaken the wholesome purity of God’s sexual beauty within our beings allows the possibility of a profound sexual state of higher consciousness to shine forth. Ultimately, the splendor of God’s glory surpasses our earthly flesh; within a euphoria of a blissful union, we become one with our Creator, the supreme transcendent of all.

The mystical secret of our divine kingdom of glory within is revealed as the light of Christ found within our sexual beings. The awareness of just how personally and romantically connected to the Lord we are, will awaken one’s spirit into a renewed consciousness, giving clarity of just how much God sincerely wants all His believers to flourish. After one becomes aware of and appreciates this sexual supreme miracle on earth that God has already provided, it’s overwhelming to imagine the marvelous wonderment and pleasure that waits for God’s people in heaven.

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Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is a powerful encouragement to recover the truth, to be freed from the lies of lust and shame through the power of God’s love, and to reclaim our identities as God’s beloved, not only in mind and spirit, but in body … This is a must read for anyone who has ever thought that there must be more to sexuality than what the church or our culture have claimed.”

Jessica Tofino

Educator and Writer, 5-stars

Our Godly Sexual Beings


As a lifelong “guilty Catholic,” this book had special resonance for me. Despite attending church and what was called “Sunday school” during my formative years, sexual activity and awareness were rarely, if ever, discussed there. What little knowledge I acquired about God and sex I had to infer on the fly and, often, on my own.

Donna Mack’s incisive and illuminating treatise, “Our Godly Sexual Beings,” shines a whole new light on that missing link from the narrative of human sexuality and God’s attitude toward it. A culmination of 30 years of committed research and study,

John J. Kelly/Detroit Free Press, 5-Stars

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Human sexuality is one of the most complex aspects of life, one that is necessary for propagating the species and also involves love, joy, beautiful feelings and often uncontrollable lust or perversion. Donna Mack, author of ‘Our Godly Sexual Beings,’ offers a spiritually elevating and historically/culturally informative look at a topic that makes many squeamish and uncomfortable.

A devout Christian, Mack offers the reader an amazing level of Biblical research to prove her primary thesis: Fallen angels destroyed God’s pure gift of human sexual love and, to quote from the text, for ‘thousands of years,

Brad Butler, Author of ‘World Flight Over Russia’ and Co-Author of ‘Without Redemption’ 5-Stars

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Sex has often been discussed in terms of lust and shame throughout history dating back to ancient times; in Our Godly Sexual Beings, author Donna Mack with Kristi Miller reveal the true pleasures of loving sex as sincerely special and spiritual experiences through in-depth research of the Bible, ancient texts, scholars spanning the past centuries and their own lives.

Donna Mack investigates how the experience of joyful sex has been perverted over the centuries from the earliest days of hedonism to today’s fascinations with internet pornography.

Chris Cordani, Host Book Spectrum, 5-stars

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Sometimes one finds a book that puts together the pieces of a puzzle one has lived with for a lifetime. Donna Mack’s Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery is just such a book, examining the majesties and maladies of human sexuality. Most of us don’t have to look far to see that sex is truly one of the biggest mysteries of our existence. On the one hand, it can bring two people together to become one flesh, enjoying the heights of ecstatic pleasure, and even experiencing a mystical quality that some might describe as “divine.” On the other hand, all around us we can see the evidence of lives destroyed and the chaos caused by out of control sexual urges and the twisted sexuality prominent in our culture.
Flying Books Review (aka Scott Lorenz) 5-Stars

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Author Donna Mack steps in during this time of increasing negativism about human sexuality as promoted on the internet in child pornography, sex trafficking, blackmailing on social media with nude photography, and harmful sexual counseling, resulting in a growing mistrust of beauties of sexual intimacy. In an erudite manner she presents her information resulting from years of research and spiritual study, supported by copious references to historic sources, writings of scholars, scriptural analysis, Oriental philosophies, and her accessible manner of presenting evidence from the Bible that supports her explanation that ‘God never intended for our sexual beings to be humiliated, mocked and trashed the way we see it today.’
Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer 5-Stars

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The book Our Godly Sexual Beings: The Fellowship of the Mystery immediately grabs the attention of the reader, primarily because the combination of the adjectives “godly” and “sexual” are descriptors that are not often seen together and for many people seem to be opposites. Raised in a conservative Christian setting in the Deep South, author Donna Mack was full of questions that religion didn’t seem to answer. Among those questions was how such an extreme disconnection between sex and the God that created it could exist. How could the creation of a loving God become a force that is at the center of so much pain, destruction, and trauma in the lives of people?
Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-stars

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